Frequently Asked Overhead Crane Questions

Kundel is a top workstation crane system manufacturer featuring headerless and free-standing overhead crane systems.

Is the Warranty important when purchasing a crane?

Yes. Since Kundel builds a much more durable system than the competition they are able to offer a Lifetime Warranty (Annual Inspections required). Kundel is the only overhead crane manufacturer to offer a lifetime warranty.What is the advantage of Free Standing Posts with Headerless Design?

The Headerless Free Standing Kundel Posts allow you to tuck within your trusses and to make better use of the floor space. The system can be taken with you when you move to your new facility so that you don’t have to purchase another system.Whats the big deal with post leveling capability?

The KTrac System allows you to plump up your post and use the concrete you have without pouring a footer (Required Concrete Depth Needed). Install times are much quicker with the KTrac. Not enough concrete in your floor? Before putting in footers let Kundel know since in some cases larger floor plates can be used so that you wouldn’t have to put in costly footers.What is the highest capacity the KTrac System can lift?

The Ktrac System can lift up to 3 Ton and still be push-pull; this is due to incredible engineering on Kundel’s part. Other overhead crane systems at this weight would require a motorized system; a great financial expense.What kind of layout can the KTrac accomplish?

The Ktrac offers Cantilevers and Hybrid Systems. If Kundel cant accomplish what you want to do then no one can.How long will my overhead crane system last?

The KTrac system is built with a 10 to 1 Safety Factor and everyone else in the industry builds their overhead crane systems at a 5 to 1 Safety Factor; which is the industry minimum.Does the Kundel KTrac System move easily?

Yes. The KTrac is one of the easiest to move in the industry along with the fact that Kundel uses an Internal Conductor Bar in the crane system so that you don’t have any messy festoon to catch on anything.What does Kundel offer differently that you usually don’t see in a free-standing workstation crane?

Kundel offers Cast Steel Endtrucks & Trolleys. Since the Cast Steel is much more durable than bent steel it allows for the shortest end trucks and trolleys. 

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