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In our business as an overhead crane manufacturer, we understand that the enemy for our customers is downtime. This may not be the critical issue for use of standard mobile construction cranes. However, for continuously scheduled maintenance or manufacturing uses, wherever the crane can remain fixed in a location, we employ an overhead crane design that produces these heavy lifters to be trouble free and always safe to operate. We know how critical the importance of streamlined efficient operations with an overhead shop crane are to the businesses that profit from the use of our cranes.

What We Know as an Overhead Crane Manufacturer

The basic concept of an overhead shop crane‘s operation are the same, a traveling bridge runs along long straight runways across the length of the crane’s installation. Below the movable bridge hangs a supporting cable, chain, or lifting belts that are attached to a powerful hoist winch. The operation of the crane is controlled by an operator sitting in a cabin attached to the crane, or sometimes with a wired pendant or remote infrared or radio control pendant.

As a major manufacturer of cranes, we know where and how they are used in a myriad of industries. Steel manufacturing, as well as aluminum and copper production, absolutely requires strong and reliable overhead cranes. As an overhead crane manufacturer with long experience designing and building such cranes we know every element required for such harsh environments. We know such cranes are necessary for all steps of metal manufacturing, from lowering raw materials into furnaces, to pouring molten metals, to processing the cooling metal with heavy rollers, in storing the finished materials, and finally to loaded it on trains or trucks.

Overhead Cranes Are the Top Workhorses

Overhead cranes are the main workhorses in auto manufacturing, paper mills, shipping, heavy boat and ship repairs and manufacturing, and numerous other industries. We have grown to become the top crane manufacturer that also builds custom designed cranes. We are always working to improve our crane technologies, designing with controls and materials that are always the latest and best. Our cranes have smooth operations and durability than most other cranes available.

If someone has a very unique or special application that requires a crane to pivot or move in some non-standard way, we can work with the specifications of use to produce a solution that works well. We have full production schedules, so it is important to come to us as soon as possible with any special requirements. We are adept at the design and production of our cranes, yet they are so popular with so many sectors of industry that lead times can sometimes be long. Do not hesitate to contact us so we can discuss how we can build the right crane for your needs.

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Overhead Crane Manufacturer

To move ultimately bulky or heavy loads through overhead space in a given facility rather than through aisles or through the floor, overhead cranes, also known as bridge crane or overhead traveling crane is a type of machine which lifts, moves and lowers load horizontally. These overhead cranes are noted for their high lifting capacities for load movements.

Crane travels are directed by operators either with wireless controls or wired pendant station or manually which guide their electric powered travels. Unlike construction or mobile cranes, overhead cranes are commonly utilized for either maintenance or manufacturing applications where downtime or efficiency are crucial factors.

Commercial Overhead Crane Applications

Commercial overhead cranes are typically used in the refinement of steels and other types of metals like aluminum or copper. In each step of the manufacturing process, until these leave the factory as finished products, the metals are securely handled by overhead cranes. The raw materials are being poured to the furnace by cranes and stampers or fabricators use overhead cranes when handing raw materials.

The majority of paper mills utilize bridge cranes for routine maintenance which requires removal of heavier equipment and press rolls. These cranes are also used on initial paper machine constructions for the reason that these make it simpler to install heavy cast paper drying drums and many other types of massive equipment.

Varieties of Great Benefits Provided by Overhead Cranes

The following are the great benefits provided by overhead cranes:

  • Customizable-the overhead cranes are customizable to be able to handle diverse varieties of loads and products.
  • Adaptable-since these can operate on any floor surface and can be modified to address changing needs and requirements. Overhead cranes also provide flexibility to operations.
  • Faster and More Direct Paths-these cranes can also take products up and even over obstacles rather than navigating through the aisles back and forth.
  • Load Control-the independent traveling push button pendant and the radio automatic controls allow better view while at the same time keeping operators away from loads or any danger associated with it.
  • Low Maintenance Cost-integrating latest technologies and provided in varieties of capacity ratings and usage, the overhead cranes need minimal maintenance as compared to other lifting equipment.
  • Reduced Labor Expenses-even a single overhead crane can actually replace various forklifts and efficiently cover larger work area.
  • Positioning-highly-automated systems work or maneuver with great precision.
  • Reduced product damage-by means of allowing direct path and smooth transportation over the obstacles and with soft start feature and other convenient options; products are surely handled gently to reduce damage.
  • Safety-since these cranes operate overhead and function on a particular area, the overhead cranes are less likely to maneuver loads to machinery, walls and personnel than the forklift traffic.
  • Greater Lifting-overhead cranes allow greater lifting than the forklifts. These enable higher vertical storage and a more efficient use of particular space.

Overhead Crane Manufacturer-The Leader in Crane Manufacturing Technology

An overhead crane manufacturer uses latest technology and innovation in increasing productivity and safety of customers’ business. This works in the production frontal and promises to deliver advanced and reliable crane functionality in the market today. An overhead crane manufacturer creates and designs overhead cranes that can address individuals’ diverse needs. This manufacturer guarantees high quality starting from single component up to the entire process.

The quality overhead cranes created and offered by overhead crane manufacturer will surely increase the productivity and safety of your business. These overhead cranes are now available with innovative and smart features helping you get control over the handling of materials during your business production process. An overhead crane manufacturer develops overhead cranes with an aim of making the daily task of operators more efficient and easier.

There are many good reasons why you need to purchase from the most trusted overhead crane manufacturer. This offers direct pricing saving you money and time, can ship anywhere, and offers financing and affordable shipping rates.

Buy Bridge Crane Systems

Cranes are mechanical instruments required for intense and heavy duty tasks. These are used when heavy and large objects needed to be moved or transferred from a place to another. These are mainly useful in construction sites, however; cranes can also be utilized for other purposes like factories, scrap yards, junk yards and more. Cranes have three primary parts namely sheaves, wire, and hoist. There are many different types of cranes and one of these is bridge cranes.

What are Bridge Cranes and the Different Types of Bridge Cranes?

Bridge cranes are types of cranes that are usually installed on metal beams which run along the warehouse or factory room’s ceiling. These need two stronger beams on the side and trolley that travels with it and carries load and hoist that are actually needed to lift or lower the objects.

Two Types of Bridge Cranes

There are two types of bridge cranes namely:

These types of cranes run on top of beams. These need some space above these beams for easier crane movements. Installation should be planned as rooms need higher ceilings. These particular types of bridge cranes are stronger and more capable of lifting heavier objects. These can be single girder that can lift about 20 tons weight or double girders that can lift about 100 tons.

These are types of bridge cranes running on the bottom of beams. These tend to reduce the available height of the room. These are the types that can be installed in already built factories but cannot really carry heavy loads. These types of bridge cranes can only carry about 15 tons of loads.

Reasons Why Bridge Cranes are Considered Invaluable Pieces of Equipment

Bridge cranes are the most widely utilized cranes or material handling tools. In order to safely transfer materials from point A to Point B, these pieces of equipment are very reliable and flexible. These cranes usually take several forms and are said to be highly adaptable to different environments.

  • Adaptable and Customizable

The bridge cranes are ultimately versatile especially when it comes to the below the hook accessories. These types of accessories usually include weight scales, hooks, spreader bars, manipulators, vacuum lifts and more.

  • Heavier Payloads

Bridge cranes can efficiently handle a heavier load while at the same time keeping plant personnel stays away from these loads. The forklifts may require an operator to be closer to these loads. Also, with an overhead bridge crane, operators can easily rig the loads and move these away from risks and dangers when utilizing the above independent traveling push button or referenced radio.

  • Cheaper Operating Costs

With bridge cranes, operating costs will surely become inexpensive. These cranes are always ready to work for its intended purpose. You can rely on these cranes even without charging the batteries or filling the tanks.

  • Increased Productivity

Whether handling heavier or larger loads or taking loads off your operators and workers, they will certainly be more productive with overhead bridge cranes.

  • Safety

Bridge cranes can guarantee safe load transfers or moves. These cranes are also furnished with an anti-collision device which keeps them from colliding with the cranes in the same bay.

If you are planning to purchase or invest in premium quality and durable bridge cranes, Overhead Crane Manufacturer is the best place to bu. Why? Simply because this offers direct pricing which saves you money and time, guarantees affordable shipping fee and can ship anywhere. Financing is even available to help you.

Overhead Crane Manufacturer also employs the best crane designs which produce heavy lifters that are easy to operate and trouble free. An efficient and streamlined operation is vital so it would be best to purchase bridge cranes from this trusted manufacturer to ensure that your business will operate smoothly and will gain more profit from the use of this manufacturer’s cranes.

Purchase Industrial Workstation Crane System

Crane systems are now available to suit every need. These systems are specially designed to address demanding and varied requirements of production lines and workstations which need a particular weight lifting capacity. Industrial workstation cranes can be freestanding or mounted, double or single girder bridge or monorails. There are lots of crane manufacturers today offering workstation cranes but it still pays to commit with the best and most trusted crane manufacturer to ensure that you will get the best workstation crane that suits your needs.

Workstation Cranes – Cost Effective Option for Workers

For operations requiring workers to make proper, precise and repetitive movements, workstation cranes provide a cost-effective and ergonomic option. Workstation cranes usually come with bolt-on connections and profile sizes that can be installed instantly. In some instances, it has actually taken less than one these days. With this type of speed and also by adapting installation to your existing schedule for productions, the most trusted crane manufacturer will aim to minimize production downtime and equipment.

Workstation Cranes Increase Productivity While Saving Costs

Productivity is vital for the overall success of business. If your business mainly depends on workers who make repetitive movements or lifting heavier loads, workstation cranes are easy and fast ways to improve productivity.

Good Reasons to Invest on Workstation Cranes

There might be some reasons not to consider investing on a quality workstation but the following reasons might just change your mind:

  • These cranes eliminate the tiring manual lifting. These, therefore, empower the workers to move loads from one workstation to another.
  • These replace or supplement multiple forklifts and jib cranes.
  • These cranes also free up your current overhead cranes for heavier or larger loads. You can use free-standing workstation bridge cranes to move up to 2 tons loads quickly.
  • Workstation cranes install flexibility. These cranes are also perfect for rented facilities or workflow changes, these can be relocated easily.

Selling Workstation Bridge Cranes | Innovative and Creative Inventions

Workstation bridge cranes are truly innovative and creative inventions. Unlike standard overhead cranes, these workstation bridge cranes work a bit different. Though the standard principle is actually lifting things and then moving them from one point to another. Bridge cranes, as the name suggest include bridge allowing the entire weight to be moved to a self-supported structure and not actually the building where the crane are utilized. This procedure is often utilized in the overhead handling of heavier building materials and objects.

These are mounted in the floor with an overhead bridge that covers the entire area of the building. These cranes also have huge and amazing varieties of benefits and applications because these are considered as one of the most effective and reliable crane systems for overhead handling and transportation.

Benefit of Workstation Bridge Cranes

There are many benefits you can get from these cranes and some of these are as follows:

  • Workstation bridge cranes come in custom sizes that are commonly adjustable to suit building’s needs.
  • These cranes can support about 4000 lbs. of weight that is more than enough to move or transfer any type of building material along the bridge.
  • Due to these cranes’ lower power consumption and great economical designs, the workstation bridge cranes cost lesser as compared to normal cranes.
  • These cranes commonly include smoother rolling tracks and rigid runways for most efficient and reliable transportation and handling of objects from one bridge point to another.
  • The cranes’ maintenance is easy and very minimal maintenance is needed. This simply means that they are longer lasting and considered as long term investments for buyers.

Therefore, seeing how workstation cranes can function phenomenally, its great design and unrivaled efficiency, these cranes are indeed ideal investments that can guarantee you with certain profit. If you are planning to purchase workstation cranes, make sure to get these from the most trusted crane manufacturer.

Factory Crane System for Sale

Cranes are one of those tools or machines that are most widely used in construction sites and other given areas where lifting bulky and heavy objects cannot really be done manually. There are a lot of crane manufacturers today that strive hard to design and create cranes that will be highly useful and functional during construction operations and many other industrial processes and activities.

Cranes are generally types of machines equipped with chains or wire ropes, sheave and hoist which can be used to either lower or lift materials and move them horizontally. These are also mainly used to lift heavy objects and transport them to other places. Cranes use one or even more simple machines to create some mechanical advantage and move loads beyond the stand or normal capacity of man. Cranes are typically employed in the transport industry for unloading and loading freight, in the construction industry for easier movements of materials and many other fields or industries.

Crane manufacturers create several types of cranes as well as crane parts all over the world. These range from mobile crane parts, overhead cranes, side lift crane, truck mounted crane up to tough terrain crane parts and more. Overhead cranes, also known as the bridge cranes are types of craned wherein hook and line mechanisms commonly run along horizontal beam which runs by itself along two widely-separated rails.

Factory Cranes-Widely Used Cranes in Factory Plants and Production Facilities

Factory cranes are widely utilized overhead cranes in production facilities and factory plants as well as power plants, steel mills, workshops, warehouses and more mainly for lifting and handling materials. These are sorts of machines equipped with chains, sheaves, wipe ropes and hoist rope and are used for lifting and transporting heavy items into different spots.

A factory crane uses one or more machines for mechanical advantages and moves weights accordingly beyond human capacity. Factory cranes are intrinsic pars of industrial facilities and are therefore highly demanded by factory or plant owners. With the ever growing demands for these types of machinery, crane manufacturers are now on the rise to be able to supply more cranes and meet the unceasing demands of clients.

Electric Overhead Travelling or EOT Factory Cranes

The EOT factory cranes are electronically controlled and most of these overhead factory cranes, as well as hoists, are usually custom assembled with an aim of working splendidly on assigned workspaces. Different factories actually have distinctive needs or necessities thus, each crane has distinctive technologies integrated on them.

The overhead factory cranes are used as part of the broad range of manufacturing plants and development organizations which need to transport or move materials and to aid in assembly lines, storage areas and power stations that mainly use hoists and factory cranes.

Factory cranes are composed of double or single bars which can easily cross along the supporting gantry trails.

The Single Girder Electric Overhead Travelling Factory Cranes

This single girder Electric Overhead Travelling factory cranes are commonly used for lighter duty applications. These types of factory cranes has the capacity of supporting weights under 100 kilograms up to heavier weight which is about few tons.

The Double Girder Electric Overhead Travelling Factory Cranes

For various processing plants which include lifting bulkier or heavier weights, double girder Electric Overhead Travelling factory cranes are perfect choices. Through representing second flat bar double girder Electric Overhead Travelling factory cranes, weight is spread evenly providing the cranes better opportunity to properly deal with a push of applications. This similarly develops the life expectancy and strength of EOT cranes most, especially when under consistent daily usage.

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