The 3 Ton Bridge Crane is an Excellent Workstation Crane

3 Ton Bridge Crane

A 3 ton bridge crane is widely used outdoor and indoor situations to lift light-weight goods and materials. Especially suited to the garages for installing, transporting, debugging of the equipment, goods-loading and unloading in the cars, hoisting large-scale engine in the automobile repairmen workshop, etc.  A 3 ton bridge crane is also widely used in workshop, factory, warehouse, stock yard and other different places to lift material. It is banned to use with a flammable, explosive or corrosive work condition. This type of crane system is mainly composed of four parts: main girder, electric hoist, travelling mechanism and electric control devices.

It has two types of operation, ground control and cabin control. The direction of entering the gate has two forms, side-way and ends in order to satisfy the users’ choice under different conditions. Goes with the electric hoist or other trolleys, it is favored and applauded among customers for its own advantages. The structure of 3 ton bridge crane mainly includes bridge travelling mechanism, electric hoist, bridge metal structure and electric motor. Electric hoist, the lifting mechanism of the crane, moves along the main girder. Its metal bridge structure is mainly composed of main girder and end girder. The main girder and end girder is a rigid connected. There are wheels on the sides of end girder to sustain the bridge travelling. An I-type steel is welded on the main girder for electric hoist travelling.

3 Ton Bridge Crane is a Workhorse

A workstation crane is a pre-engineered modular crane that allows for easy relocation and/or expansion by simply adding runway sections and/or additional bridges. These workstation cranes are equipped with splice joints that connect the track sections and are completed with vertical and horizontal adjustment screws, facilitating precise alignment of the track sections.

Managing time, equipment and space in your facility while being efficient and cost effective can be a challenge. For example, as your business grows or changes, carving out more usable work-space in existing facilities can seem difficult and costly.

Workstation Crane Creates Shop Space

That’s where a workstation cranes come in. A workstation crane creates extra space in your facility. The modular design gives you the ability to adapt your crane system as your business changes, making the steel workstation crane system a smart investment. Both ceiling-mounted and freestanding cranes could be used as well as crane systems with up to a 30-foot runway span and 34-foot bridge length and capacities of up to 3 tons.

With minimal steel support structures required, workstations crane lend an open, modern look to the facility. Due to the modular design and bolt connections, workstation cranes can be installed quickly, sometimes in a matter of a day, with minimal resources.