Details of a 5 Ton Overhead Crane

5 Ton Overhead Crane

A 5 ton overhead crane is the most widely used cranes in most of the industries due to their tremendous advantages over their counterparts. The crane is used to handle heavy loads without compromising on utilizing excess power or energy. The Span Length of these cranes are reasonable and the prices are rightly placed for any small-scale industry.

Due to their vast utility and reliability, getting acquainted with various types of 5-ton cranes available in the market is quite crucial. These cranes basically differ in their end truck style that includes the options of Push/Pull, Hand Geared, and Dual Drive. Typically, these cranes are built as typical I-beam and span up to 36 feet, however, greater span lengths are also used. It is important that you ensure that the crane you are buying has been inspected and verified to comply with all electrical safety codes by ESA (Electrical Safety Authority).

There are a variety of bridge cranes available in the market but a few are mentioned below with their specifications for you to inquire from the retailer before finalizing your transaction.

QE Double Trolley 5 Ton Overhead Crane

As the name suggests, you can identify this crane with the two trolleys attached to it and its extravagant capacity to handle big loads. It can lift loads from a mere 5 tons to 400 tons (200 + 200 tons). It spans from 10.5 meters to 35.5 meters whereas its working class is A5 and A6. They can utilize spaces beneath the ceiling rafters so a wide variety of loads can be picked up using these.

QY Insulation 5 Ton Overhead Crane

In hazardous environments, these insulation cranes are the most effective as they came with a certain insulation that prevents them from excess wear and tear. They are less prone to being damaged physically and electrically and hence offer long term benefits. Their lifting capacity ranges from 5-50 tons whereas the span length ranges from 10.5m- 31.5m. They are best operated in temperatures 25-50 degree Celsius and are classified as working class A6.

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