The Benefits and Uses of Overhead Traveling Cranes

Some of the Great Features of an Overhead Traveling Crane

Besides the fact that it takes time and extreme stress to move heavy and bulky loads through aisles or on the floor, you can also get seriously injured. Using overhead traveling cranes will save you from the stress, save time and also provide you with the ability to move, lift, and lower heavy or bulky loads horizontally, using the overhead head space provided by your company or facility.

Since they are endowed with high lifting capabilities for the movement of the load, overhead cranes are usually controlled by an operator, either via wireless cords, manually, or through a wired pendant station that directs their travel. Overhead bridge cranes are really beneficial and very useful; below are some of their uses and benefits.

The Uses of Overhead Traveling Cranes

Also known as bridge cranes or jib cranes, overhead traveling cranes are extensively used in a lot of industrial places in order to facilitate the handling and processing of heavy and oversized objects that cannot be handled by other handling equipment and methods. The different areas in which overhead cranes are significantly useful include;

  • Assembly – Overhead cranes can be used to move heavy product parts through the production process of the product.
  • Storage – It can be used to move heavy and/or bulky objects to and from storage areas.
  • Transportation – Overhead cranes can be used to load manufactured products on to open trailers or rail cars.
  • Warehousing – It can be used to move large, heavy objects from and to the dock areas.

The Benefits of Overhead Traveling Cranes

Not only do you need to use high-quality tools when it comes to the running of a large industrial business or warehouse, but you also need to ensure that your tools are the right ones that are going to help you run your business processes effectively and efficiently. You’ll be able to maximize your productivity with an overhead crane. You’ll also be able to transport your objects and goods around your facility in no time. Here are some other advantages of using an overhead crane for your business;

Increased Safety – You might be thinking forklifts are good, but the thing is forklifts offer imprecise stacking, dropping off goods, and a higher chance of accidents when compared to overhead bridge cranes. Since overhead cranes deal with the overhead space of your facility, all of these risks are very minimal and they have the ability to move bulky and heavy loads faster than forklifts.

Avoid Floor Obstructions – You can install your overhead crane just about anywhere you wish. Since they are positioned as high as the ceiling of your facility, they are going to come in contact with nothing on your facility’s floor. Also, the carriage of products above obstacles will be quite easy, thereby helping you to reduce product damage.

Improved Load Control – Most overhead cranes come with controls that offer awesome precision. This allows you the ability to place the crane on the exact spot you need it to be with no strain or hassle from the operator. It also provides the ability to minimize human errors.

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