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Where to find the best Overhead Crane Manufacturer in northeast Ohio | Especially K-Trac System

In our business as an overhead crane manufacturer, we understand that the enemy for our customers is downtime. This may not be the critical issue for use of standard mobile construction cranes. However, for continuously scheduled maintenance or manufacturing uses, wherever the crane can remain fixed in a location, we employ an overhead crane design that produces these heavy lifters to be trouble free and always safe to operate. We know how critical the importance of streamlined efficient operations with an overhead shop crane are to the businesses that profit from the use of our cranes.

What We Know as an Overhead Crane Manufacturer

The basic concept of an overhead shop crane’s operation is the same, a traveling bridge runs along long straight runways across the length of the crane’s installation. Below the movable bridge hangs a supporting cable, chain, or lifting belts that are attached to a powerful hoist winch. The operation of the crane is controlled by an operator sitting in a cabin attached to the crane, or sometimes with a wired pendant or remote infrared or radio control pendant.

As a major manufacturer of cranes, we know where and how they are used in a myriad of industries. Steel manufacturing, as well as aluminum and copper production, absolutely requires strong and reliable overhead cranes. As an overhead crane manufacturer with long experience designing and building such cranes, we know every element required for such harsh environments. We know such bridge cranes are necessary for all steps of metal manufacturing, from lowering raw materials into furnaces to pouring molten metals, to processing the cooling metal with heavy rollers, in storing the finished materials, and finally to load it on trains or trucks.

Overhead Cranes Are the Top Workhorses

Overhead cranes are the main workhorses in auto manufacturing, paper mills, shipping, heavy boat and ship repairs and manufacturing, and numerous other industries. We have grown to become the top crane manufacturer that also builds custom-designed cranes. We are always working to improve our crane technologies, designing with controls and materials that are always the latest and best. Our cranes have smooth operations and more durability than other cranes available.

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