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To move extremely heavy or bulky loads through the overhead space in a facility, instead of through aisles or on the floor, an overhead crane sale (also called an industrial crane). Overhead traveling crane is a machine that lifts, lowers and moves a load horizontally. The overhead crane sale has high lifting capacities for load movement. Crane travel is directed by an operator, either manually or with a wired pendant station or wireless controls that guide their electric- or pneumatic-powered travel. Typical uses include multi-directional movement of materials to support manufacturing, storage, loading or unloading activities inside a facility, outside in a yard, or at a railway or shipping port. Overhead crane sale can be utilized at any capacity where extremely high hook lift is required because the hook can be pulled up between the girders. Overhead cranes are also ideal where high speeds and heavy service are required. They are highly suitable where the crane needs to be fitted with walkways, crane lights, cabs, magnet cable reels or other special equipment.

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A shop crane delivers the lifting ability you need with the combined advantage of compact storage. They provide smooth and easy maneuvering around your work space which includes ram, chain and hook. Commonly known as a “cherry picker”, a mobile shop crane allows workers with back injury to lift heavy objects from the floor to work bench. Designed to hoist engines in and out of vehicles, this 2000-lb crane can handle most loads around a workshop and roll on a smooth floor to reposition heavy items. There are hundreds of uses for a mobile shop crane, including lifting lawnmowers for under-deck maintenance, moving heavy parts in and out of a paint booth, tilting barrels or hoisting animals for processing. A factory crane has a lifting range from 1in. to 93-3/4in. and features a 4-hole position boom, heavy-duty 8-ton long ram jack and folds for easy storage. They are designed for shops with limited space. Boom is reinforced to increase strength and eliminate flex. Heavy duty steel casters offer easy positioning. Wide base allows maximum stability, Heavy steel hook with safety latch with 1500-lb. capacity engine leveler. They have low profile base ideal for compact cars, small trucks or lower vehicles. Quick lift ram, handle for easy movement and retracting legs for easy storage. Clevis grab hook with safety latch. A shop crane easily lifts, lowers and maneuvers heavy loads around the shop. Each shop crane is built to meet the daily demands of moving heavy loads and objects. Their versatility and ease of operation improve productivity.

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