What are Bridge Cranes and their Different Types

The Bridge Crane is an Ergonomic Device | Ergonomic Lift Assist Equipment

Bridge cranes are types of cranes that are usually installed on metal beams which run along the warehouse or factory room’s ceiling. These need two stronger beams on the side and trolley that travels with it and carries load and hoist that are actually needed to lift or lower the objects.

Two Types of Bridge Cranes

There are two types of bridge cranes namely:

These types of cranes run on top of beams. These need some space above these beams for easier crane movements. Installation should be planned as rooms need higher ceilings. These particular types of bridge cranes are stronger and more capable of lifting heavier objects. These can be single girder that can lift about 20 tons weight or double girders that can lift about 100 tons.

These are types of bridge cranes running on the bottom of beams. These tend to reduce the available height of the room. These are the types that can be installed in already built factories but cannot really carry heavy loads. These types of bridge cranes can only carry about 15 tons of loads.

Reasons Why Bridge Cranes are Considered Invaluable Pieces of Equipment

These cranes are the most widely utilized cranes or material handling tools. In order to safely transfer materials from point A to Point B, these pieces of equipment are very reliable and flexible. These cranes usually take several forms and are said to be highly adaptable to different environments.

  • Adaptable and Customizable

These cranes are ultimately versatile especially when it comes to the below the hook accessories. These types of accessories usually include weight scales, hooks, spreader bars, manipulators, vacuum lifts and more.

  • Heavier Payloads

Bridge cranes can efficiently handle a heavier load while at the same time keeping plant personnel stays away from these loads. The forklifts may require an operator to be closer to these loads. Also, with an overhead bridge crane, operators can easily rig the loads and move these away from risks and dangers when utilizing the above independent traveling push button or referenced radio.

  • Cheaper Operating Costs

With these cranes, operating costs will surely become inexpensive. These overhead cranes are always ready to work for its intended purpose. You can rely on these cranes even without charging the batteries or filling the tanks.

  • Increased Productivity

Whether handling heavier or larger loads or taking loads off your operators and workers, they will certainly be more productive with these cranes.

  • Safety

Bridge cranes can guarantee safe load transfers or moves. These cranes are also furnished with an anti-collision device which keeps them from colliding with the cranes in the same bay.

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