The Engineering of an Articulating Jib Crane

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The engineering of an articulating jib crane makes it able to position loads of material into places that cannot be reached with any traditional jib cranes. Articulating jib cranes provide easy rotation, with precise responsiveness. With easy rotation this allows the crane positioning heavy loads across the jib crane’s coverage area. Articulating jib cranes are able to position while spotting loads through doorways, rotating in close spaces and even around barriers. An articulating jib crane can be freestanding, ceiling mounted or wall mounted giving it more versatility. Articulating jib cranes have the capability for capacities, as much as 2000 lbs.

Freestanding Articulating Jib Crane

Freestanding articulating jib cranes are great for many load-bearing tasks that will require the use of an articulating jib. Freestanding articulating jib cranes provide consistency and have a seamless ability to lift and lower loads into position. Articulating jib cranes are able to cover in circular, standard spans from lower than, up to 16 feet. The articulating jib crane can rotate at 360 degrees, in each pivoting point. Also, the freestanding articulating jib crane can be aided with a hook mounted lifting devices such as electric, vacuum or air devices. Freestanding articulating jib cranes are floor mounted and overall easy to install. Although they are easy to install, special foundations may need to be applied for the support of the crane.

Ceiling mounted articulating cranes are most likely to be stationary, mounted or platform supported. The ceiling-mounted articulating crane will be mounted overhead, to cause no disruptions to its workflow. It’s compact engineering also requires low overhead clearance for installation. Like the freestanding jib crane, the ceiling mounted jib crane can allow capacities of up to 2000 lbs., cover a circular span of up to 16 feet and be aided with the same hook mounted lifting devices, that the freestanding articulating crane is able to use. The fact that it can be mounted to a platform, will allow it support from a bridge crane to give it the ability to oscillate beyond its conventional coverage area or space.

Wall Mounted Jib Cranes

Wall mounted articulating cranes are generally required for jobs that require maneuvering around or under obstructions, especially with the proper wall or column support to this crane type. While wall-mounted cranes are not able to rotate 360 degrees, the best they can rotate is up to 200 degrees.

Despite its lower rotation ability, it can still allow for capacities up to 2000 lbs. and cover circular spans of up to 16 feet, just like the freestanding and ceiling mounted articulating cranes. The wall mounted crane provides a clear work area free of any obstructions on the floor. Also, the ceiling crane will require minimal overhead clearance to be installed. Each of these crane types has great capacity capabilities and less restrictive load space than many other models and types of cranes. The fact that articulating cranes can easily load and unload materials is what gives it a strategic advantage based on the crane’s intended use.

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