The Benefits of Ergonomic Jib Cranes in the Workplace

Ergonomic Jib Cranes Help Reduce Worker Injuries

Utilizing ergonomic solutions in your workplace, such as ergonomic jib cranes offers so many benefits, from helping to reduce worker’s compensation and your company’s health care cost, to improving your company’s productivity and product quality. Therefore, establishing or improving your company’s ergonomic material handling process should be your priority.

As a matter of fact, leading companies are already integrating ergonomics into every aspect of their operations; including jib cranes. These efficient, ergonomic processes are already yielding significant benefits for them, according to a review by the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries.

Ergonomic jib cranes offer so many benefits to their users in the workplace. For one, they occupy little space and help factories maximize available floor space, while giving them a quick return on investment. These cranes are used as primary lifting devices within a workplace to create highly productive work cells. They are also used as a supplement to larger overhead cranes to achieve maximum equipment and worker utilization.

Reduce Costs with Ergonomic Jib Cranes

Just like other ergonomics, the ergonomic jib cranes reduce costs by systematically reducing ergonomic risk factors; you can prevent costly MSDs by adopting them in your workplace. It is estimated that $1 out of every $3 is attributed to MSDs in workers compensation cost, so this offers an opportunity to save cost.

Using ergonomic jib cranes in the workplace improves employees’ engagement. How does this happen? Employees take note of when the company is making efforts to ensure their safety and well-being. So if an employer deploys jib cranes in the workplace to eliminate fatigue and discomfort associated with lifting, it can reduce turnover, minimize absenteeism, boost morale and improve employee’s contribution.

Another benefit of using ergonomic jib cranes in the workplace is that it creates a better safety culture. By using ergonomics in your workplace, it shows that your company is committed to and values safety and health, and the effect is building a robust safety culture for your company. One of the most valued assets any company possesses is healthy employees. Creating and encouraging health and safety culture in your company will produce better results for your organization.

These Jib Cranes Improve Productivity

Lastly, ergonomic jib cranes, like every other ergonomic solution improves productivity and quality. In terms of productivity, using jib cranes for lifting items makes the workstation more efficient. On the other hand, poor ergonomics makes workers frustrated and fatigued, making it difficult for them to give their best in their respective capacity. In other words, when a task is too physically demanding on the worker, he or she may not be able to perform the job as expected. So instead of manually lifting items, using a jib crane will be the best option for an employer.

So are ergonomic jib cranes worth the cost? Absolutely yes. Ergonomic jib cranes are good for your business as well as for your workers.

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