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Which is the Best Ergonomic Lift System for Your Shop

Manual material handling is the process of lifting, emptying, and carrying loads. These loads could either consist of animate objects like animals and actual human beings or inanimate objects like rocks, gravel, wood, and sand. However, doing this on your own can be very hazardous and dangerous when it comes to your physical health; it is best to use an ergonomic lifting system. This activity can really put your back along with your whole musculoskeletal system at risk. In fact, OSHA says that this type of activity causes the majority of musculoskeletal disorders. The law is supposed to prevent these types of injuries and disorders. Not only does the law help but so can ergonomics.

Ergonomic Lifting System | Available in a Variety of Devices

Ergonomics as a whole is simply defined as maximizing efficiency in the workplace while reducing the strain of the worker himself. This allows for there to maximum output in the business while minimizing input. In order to produce this desired outcome in a manufacturing business, you need to invest in an ergonomic lifting system. Ergonomic lifting material handling can come in many shapes, sizes, and prices. Some of them you might know about or even use like a scissor lift table, a pallet jack, and even a forklift. All of them aid human labor by making it easier and faster to lift, empty, and carry things. However, the ergonomic lifting system that I’d personally recommend would be a lifting system incorporating a jib crane. I have found that the freestanding jib crane makes the industrial process so much simpler and easier for workers. The worker can easily maneuver the crane and attach it to a load without having to exert any form of physical labor whatsoever. This type of workplace jib crane may either be fixed to a wall or mounted to the floor using a pillar. These types of cranes are most commonly used in the manufacturing industry as well as in our military.

If you’re looking to make the workplace less hazardous and provide efficiency for your company and your workers, Overhead Crane Manufacturer has what you’re looking for. Unlike any other jib crane, they actually incorporate theirs into an ergonomic lifting system. There are many makes and models of these ergonomic arm devices, being able to lift up 660 lbs! The company uniquely integrated a swivel into the system to make the worker’s life easier. Also, the machine has tremendous responsiveness and auto balance regardless of the amount of weight you load on it. In the end, this machine provides superior reliability that the worker can safely use with ease. It’s definitely one of a kind on the market.

If you don’t choose to go with a crane that’s incorporated into an ergonomic system, Kundel Cranes also has free standing jib cranes available for purchase. Kundel has a multipoint adjustment system that ultimately leads to an easy setup. The benefit of these ergonomic jib cranes is that they are movable.

In the end, investing in an ergonomic lifting system that incorporates a jib crane can be one of the best decisions a manufacturer can make. Not only does it keep the workers safe but it also increases efficiency as well.

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