What Can You Tell Me about Ergonomic Manipulator Arms?

Binar is the Best Ergonomic Manipulator Arm Available Today

The design of ergonomic manipulator arms is for maximum efficiency in a wide range of industries. They are a device that can be controlled remotely by a person without direct contact. They have a variety of functions in many industries. An ergonomic manipulator arm can be likened to a robot, but in this case, is used for working environments, whereas many robots are simply toys.

They can be similar to jib arms but have slightly different functions. A jib arm is likened to the jib crane that may have ergonomic manipulator arms installed onto the ends. The crane has one long arm that has two smaller clasps (or ergonomic manipulator arms) to grasp an object. The ergonomic manipulator arms are sometimes in pairs.

Perhaps the first example of an operational manipulator arm was produced in 1945 by Central Research Laboratories. The goal was to provide a safe way to replace devices surrounding highly radioactive materials. This task could be safely done while the worker stood off to the side and accessed controls through a control panel. The Master-Slave Manipulator Mk. 8 even made it into many films, including the Andromeda Strain.

Some Tasks of Ergonomic Manipulator Arms

  • The first function of a manipulator’s arm is to comply with safety regulations on a working site. Often certain situations can be unsafe for a worker to attempt to do, so a manipulator device is the next best solution.
  • Manipulator arms can handle a wide range of materials that would normally be hazardous for the crew, including radioactive or bio-hazardous materials.
  • Another benefit to using them is for regions that can be inaccessible for humans to get into. Instead, the ergonomic arms can move objects or clean debris from small or narrow spaces.

Binar and Kundel

  • Binar manipulator arms are made of ultra-light steel. Most of them can lift materials up to 300 kilograms. These types of arms can be installed on floor pillars, wall brackets, or the ceiling.
  • Kundel Cranes is a family owned business that operates out of northeast Ohio. They have a large range of ergonomic lifting solutions, as well as other items for industry, such as industrial cranes, and monorails.

In order to consider whether your company, facility, or job site can benefit from buying ergonomic manipulator arms, consider the safety of your crew. Are your workers complaining about moving parts back and forth on a repetitive basis? Some may even have had to report injuries.

Ergonomic arms are also useful when workers must lift heavy parts in small working cells. You may already have automation in your industry, but it may only be able to tackle lifting small objects or products. Perhaps you have a unique application that can benefit from ergonomic arms?

If your job site has grown to a point where your workers simply can’t carry the load, it can be of benefit to investigate the usage of ergonomic manipulator arms and/or jib cranes for your company.

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