Just Exactly What Does a Factory Crane System Do?

Factory Crane System

Factories manufacture and produce large amounts of goods; this process includes the packaging and transporting of these goods around the factory. Workers alone are not capable of lifting these loads as it would require a lot of workers to lift a single load, hence the factory crane system. In addition to a large amount of manpower needed to get the job done, the safety of the workers and the goods are at risk, such manual handling can possibly damage the goods and affect the health of the workers.

Factory Crane System | Injury Reduction

About 10% of the major injuries in the workplace are caused by manual handling. Research suggests that repeated lifting of loads can cause musculoskeletal disorders. These are injuries that affect the movement of the human body and result in the inability to work. If factory workers develop musculoskeletal disorders, they are eligible to get work leave or compensation and this can have draining effects for the employers.

To avoid such problems, cranes are used. Cranes are machines used to reduce manual labor in factories. There are several types of factory cranes such as overhead cranes, jib cranes, gantry cranes and monorail cranes. All of these, however, have the same basic function – to provide safe and easy lifting and transporting of loads across the factory.

Cranes usually consist of a runway structure that can be set up around the factory. The load that needs to be transported is then either loaded or hoisted onto this runway and then moved to wherever it is needed. Overhead factory cranes can be automatic or controlled by remote control which means that they can be operated from a distance, reducing the chance of the workers getting hurt or the goods being damaged.


Therefore cranes are used to speed up processes in the factory, create a safer work environment, reduce the manpower needed and ensure safe transportation of goods.

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