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The workstation jib crane offers the ability to easily lift and transfer loads that are repetitive. These crane systems can be mounted as a permanent floor mount or can be mounted to walls. They are versatile, can perform a variety of handling and positioning functions and provide great coverage in circular areas not normally efficiently served by regular cranes. They are great for supporting balancers, air balancers, hoists, vacuum lifted and welding wire feeders. They can handle up to 180 rotation when mounted to a wall and 360 rotation if floor mounted.

The value in the workstation jib crane is that they increase productivity through easy boom rotation and trolley movement. Only a low fee is required to start and stop the boom rotation and hoist. This reduces injuries and improves safety for workers. Because of this, they also provide a quick return on the initial investment made in them.

These jib crane systems are easier to move and position than traditional I-beam jibs. The cold formed, high strength enclosed track design cleans rolling surfaces. This leads to easier movement by operators, while at the same time keeping rolling surfaces clean. Many are also designed to provide reliable life-long performance with minimum maintenance. There are two types of jib cranes, arm rotary, and free-standing suspension.

Arm Rotary Jib Crane – These are used to control or position a load in areas that are generally inaccessible to other material handling equipment. The flexible moving mechanism allows for lifting tasks at easily.

Free Standing Jib Cranes – Freestanding jib cranes are fixed to the floor without any support to stay upright. The depth of the foundation depends on the load and reach. One of the advantages of this type of crane is that it does not need a support wall nor structure and provides optimal range of span and control compared to wall mounted cranes and other types of jib cranes.

When selecting a pneumatic jib crane to match individual requirements, thought should be given to operation type, necessary options and how much the cost of both the unit and installation. Factors should be considered when choosing a workstation jib crane for maximum effectiveness at minimum costs. Below are factors to be considered when considering purchasing a jib crane.

Use of Jib Cranes:

  • Fitting and fabrication workstations
  • Building maintenance
  • Plant room maintenance
  • Marine loading and maintenance
  • Machine center loading and maintenance

Design Features:

  • Circular coverage workstations
  • Ergonomic movement
  • Provides ergonomic lifting coverage
  • Styles range from self- supporting to wall mounted

Workstation Features:

  • Capacity
  • Under boom height
  • Area rotation
  • Overall height

There are a variety of vendors, both local and online who sell jib cranes. In purchasing a crane the ability of the vendor to provide the following should be considered:

  1. Various types, compact structure, and reasonable design
  2. Affordable price, good performance, and reliable quality
  3. Long service life, tough material, and durable use
  4. Fast installation, simple structure, and easy maintenance
  5. Strong adaptation, wide application, and customized service
  6. Professional supplier, high praise, and strict standard

The workstation jib crane is a great piece of ergonomic lifting equipment. It is widely applied for loading and unloading materials in many different places. It can approve working conditions, reduce cost and increase efficiency.