The Many Uses of Floor Mounted Jib Cranes

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The floor mounted jib cranes are among the smallest cranes you are likely to see. These cranes are meant for lifting objects that are too heavy for easy transport by a person but are still relatively compact. You may be used to seeing large cranes used for lifting extremely large and weighty objects. Floor mounted jib cranes are capable of lifting much less than those heavy-duty cranes but they are quite versatile. They can be used in warehouses, shops, and even the back of trucks.

Floor Mounted Jib Cranes | Design

Most jib cranes have a simple design. Floor mounted jib cranes are generally built in an L shape. While there are wall mounted jib cranes available, mounting job cranes to the floor allows them to carry great loads. A wall can only provide so much support. Floor mounted, or free standing jib cranes as they are sometimes called can even be built to withstand harsh weather making them useful for outdoor applications as well as indoor ones.

Jib cranes can handle loads between one hundred pounds and tens of thousands of pounds. Cranes that shift smaller loads are generally cheaper to purchase and a shop or warehouse may utilize many of these smaller cranes to do a series of jobs and relieve employees of a lifting burden. A freestanding jib crane will generally be used for larger projects and has a higher price tag as well.

Floor mounted job cranes vary but generally, all can rotate a full 360 degrees and can carry of weight depending on the model. They can be engineered to reach heights of 40 feet and to go as high as 50 feet. As a rule of thumb, the larger the crane you need the more expensive it will be.

Floor Mounted Jib Cranes Compliment Other Systems

The utility of a floor mounted jib crane may be enhanced by using it in conjunction with other types of jib cranes such as articulating jib cranes. Articulating jib cranes allow for movement around corners and can be mounted on existing jib cranes. These cranes cannot lift as much weight as a typical floor mounted jib crane but can be very useful for certain applications.

As they are among the smallest and simplest cranes, jib cranes have a variety of options as far as power. Some, usually the smallest ones, can be fully manual. Others may be partially manual and have motorized rotation devices or be operated via air. It is important to consider how the crane will be used and ensure that the appropriate power source is located in a convenient position.

Electric Jib Cranes

Motorized controls typically increase the cost of the cranes as well as adding additional operating costs in the form of electricity. Electric jib cranes can be much more efficient and easier to operate and may be worth the additional investment. These motorized cranes have the potential for additional wear and malfunction so a careful investigation of the warranties offered with a particular crane is important. With such a sizable investment, you want to make sure the jib crane manufacturer stands by their product and will provide repairs when needed.

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  1. Where I work, we have a jib crane at the end of an overhead bridge crane to move items from there to a pallet.

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