What Can You Do with a Foundationless Jib Crane?

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A foundationless jib crane is basically a fixed workstation crane except they do not require a foundation to stand. A foundationless jib crane can be fastened to any concrete surface. They are ideal for under large overhead bridge cranes. Widely preferable to be used in open areas where they can easily serve workstations. Can also be used outdoor for loading docks purposes. And they can be widely used in machining and assembly operations without any difficulty. Can also be used together with other jib cranes combined to provide additional coverage.

A foundationless jib crane is easy to reposition where there is no fixed foundation. It means that it is very flexible to choose the original location. You can place it on your desired location such as closer to machines or other obstacles, as there is no need for an outsized area.

Foundationless Jib Crane | Various Attachments

It has a coverage of 360 degrees, which has a standard span up to 20 degrees. Precision tapered roller bearings in top pivot and assemblies provide smooth operation and a long lasting life of the jib crane. These jibs are designed to serve circular areas and support balancers, vacuum, and hoists. Capacities are also available from 100lbs – 1000lbs and can easily span up to 16ft.

A foundation and a normal jib crane might cost you as much as the jib crane itself. The benefit of using a foundationless jib crane is that you save a lot of money. They are basically quick and easy to install as compared to the poured foundations jib crane.

It increases productivity through the easy rotation and trolley movement, hence providing a rapid return on investment for your business.

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  1. I thought that foundationless jib cranes can do a lot for a shop/factory floor. Moving heavy and bulky materials is just one of the many functions.

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