What You Should Know about a Free-Standing Bridge Crane

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Lifting heavy objects in a factory or at a construction site can be tasking without a lifting aid like a free-standing bridge crane. However, there are times when the installation of the typical overhead crane setup becomes impossible due to space limitation or work environment challenges making the use of overhead crane unwise.

Without an adaptable means of lifting a heavy object in a temporary work environment, accomplishing a simple task would be impossible. For this reason, a free-standing bridge crane is designed to fit in an environment where the use of the giant overhead crane is impossible.

The free-standing bridge crane is the ergonomic solution to lifting heavy objects in an atmosphere where the giant cranes are unsuitable for various reasons. No matter your type of application or need, free-standing bridge crane, is handy tools in any work environment where there is a need to move heavy objects up to 4,400 lbs.

The free-standing bridge crane is a wise use because:

  • Installed well in a pre-cast concrete environment
  • All connections need bolting not welding
  • Can be taken apart when no longer in use
  • The best option for crane insurance coverage

Why is the free-standing bridge crane the better choice as an overhead crane?

  • Easy to dismantle. The free-standing overhead crane is bolted not bonded making it easy to remove when no longer in use. It’s a perfect option in a temporary environment as you don’t need to worry about massive dismantling cost after use.
  • Easy to relocate to a new project site. As a business, these bridge cranes are the best option to use when you have multiple project sites requiring the use of a crane on-site. The easy way to dismantle it makes it easier to move from site to site without extraordinary cost.
  • Indoor use. When you need a crane in a rented building, or you are working in a temporary location, using a free-standing bridge crane is a perfect tool; no need worrying about future removal cost.
  • When there is a need to cover a large area up to 40-feet or more, a free-standing bridge crane is extendable to any length to provide an instant need for the crane use without bringing an extra burden to the project.
  • Easy to set up bridge crane. Freestanding bridge crane does not become an additional time gulping tool with long days of installation. Once its use is determined, the ergonomic device can be installed and ready to use within a limited period.
  • Highly adaptable. A freestanding bridge crane has the advantage of adaptability and is more business efficient. It is suitable for manufacturing, engineering and construction applications. It enhances profitability and practical use.

In a work environment where dealing with moving a massive object is an essential part of everyday business, free-standing bridge crane provides the ideal option to get work moving smoothly without worrying about space limitation. The free-standing bridge crane is safe and trusted with load handling and pose less risk as the bridge on the crane ride on top of the structure for secure hook height. It promises less work injury and ensures maximum work throughput.

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