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The Benefits of a Freestanding Jib Crane

Jib cranes are made of a horizontal load supporting boom that’s attached to a vertical column that pivots. This type of crane can be either free standing or mounted to a building. These cranes enable lifting and lowering of a load within a fixed arc of rotation. The freestanding jib crane is engineered to stand by themselves on a concrete foundation without building support.

Although small in size and economical in price, the jib crane is an extremely powerful piece of lifting equipment. Freestanding jib cranes are very versatile. They can be placed underneath large bridge cranes or in open areas where they can serve several workstations. They can also be used in other applications which are mostly outdoor; for example loading docks, or in machining operations and assembly operations. Jib cranes aka workstation cranes can work in tandem with other jib cranes to get complex operations completed.

Jib cranes are also used in industrial premises and on military vehicles. Also, jib cranes are used in shipyards for many different purposes including lifting equipment and heavy machinery. These cranes are most commonly used with equipment that weighs between 100 and 300 tons. Usually, these cranes are provided with two main joint winches which can be either employed singly or together so that they can lift a heavy load. The jib cranes that are usually used as factory cranes normally have a capacity as high as 20 tons and can operate up to 50 to 100 cycles per hour.

Buy Freestanding Jib Crane

There are different types of freestanding jib cranes you can buy. The enclosed rail jib crane is the easiest to rotate and also reduces dead weight. A jib crane with an I-beam may have a longer lifting span and can also handle larger capacities. Trolleys can also be used with the I-beam jib and you can use powered rotation with them.

The freestanding jib crane generally handles materials over working areas where there are personnel and are widely considered to be safe. However, it is important for the crane operator to be instructed in the use of the crane and to understand the severe consequences of the careless operation.


The freestanding jib crane has become one of the most popular choices for crane buyers who do not require a lifting function in every corner of their job site. Jib cranes are suppliers to load lathes and other types of machinery that handle heavy loads and they are also recommended to be used when it comes to maintenance of applications. These commercial cranes are also a favorite tool for photographers as well. The jib is especially versatile and can produce a multitude of unique effects. With a jib crane, the different possible camera effects are almost endless. The very best part of using a jib crane for photography is that it gives a high production value for very little effort and a very reasonable affordable price. It’s very user-friendly with an easy setup and breakdown process and doesn’t need any tools for assembly. When you’re finished with the use of the jib, the sections can be easily stored.

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