Kundel’s TTrac 1 1/2 Ton Overhead Crane Working at Kuhn’s Manufacturing

Kuhns Manufacturing | Kundel KTrac Crane System | Overhead View

We received these photos of Kuhns Mfg LLC’s new 12′ wide, 24′ long, & 14′ tall 1.5 ton Harrington Hoist equipped freestanding KTrac crane from Paul Belliveau of NEO Equipment. They’re using it in their Mesopotamia, OH facility to load stock material into their Mitsubishi laser cutter and help them continue to deliver agricultural haying equipment to their customers.

  • Kundel KTrac Overhead Cran System working at Kuhn's Manufacturing
    Kundel KTrac Overhead Crane System working at Kuhn's Manufacturing | Information about Kuhn's: Kuhns Mfg LLC was established in 2005 by Kenneth Kuhns to produce the hay bale accumulator he invented. Many years of difficult experience in producing small square bales inspired him to create the machine that he needed on his own farm.

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