What Are the Differences Between the Overhead Bridge Crane & the Workstation Crane

Overhead Bridge Crane

The overhead bridge crane is a proven way to improve productivity, increase quality, and provide a safer work environment. The overhead bridge crane is the most effective lifting solution as you have the best coverage within your facility. Offered in both single, double and box girder designs, there are enough options to suit your application. Top running overhead bridge cranes are designed to travel on top of a runway system that is either supported by engineered columns or building columns. They typically provide you a better hook height than most cranes as the hoist is mounted on top of the bridge rather than underneath. Overhead cranes are the benchmark in the industry as we build them to sustain multiple work environments. This crane provides excellent value for your application at a considerable cost effective without compromising performance.  An overhead bridge crane is designed for applications with load capacities typically over 25 tons (25 tones); double girder cranes are used when you need a complete lifting solution. Overhead cranes give a better height of lift compared to other crane as the hook travels between the beams. Over the lifetime of the crane, you will save on new support structures as it has reduced wheel loads. This allows you to add more lifting capabilities to your runway structure without upgrading. They combine a high degree of cost efficiency and performance, making them ideal for a long list of businesses, industries, and applications

Overhead Bridge Crane versus Workstation Crane

Workstation cranes feature patented articulating hanger assemblies and trolleys which deliver effortless and precise load movement especially near the end of the bridge crane. Workstation cranes can successfully be set up nearly anywhere on a concrete floor where it will support the required anchor bolt force. Workstation Crane provides seamless product integration and improved efficiency to ensure a complete, single-point-of- contact, manufactured crane solution including a complete line of chain hoist products. Workstation bridge systems enable you to achieve effortless and reliable area-serving overhead handling for a wide variety of applications. Each system is configured with the operator in mind and includes the principle feature of ease of movement, designed to reduce fatigue and ensure accurate load positioning. They empower a single worker to move loads from workstation to workstation. Free-up your existing overhead crane for larger loads to quickly move loads up to two tons. Workstation cranes are ideal for rented facilities or when workflow changes are possible; they are easily relocated and typically require only a standard concrete floor for installation. Quality materials and construction ensure operational reliability and safety and facilitate long life combined with minimum maintenance.

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