The Amazing Industrial Overhead Crane

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An industrial overhead crane makes equipment that is used to move extremely heavy or bulky loads through the overhead space on site instead of being dragged on the floor. An overhead crane can have high lifting capacities for load movement. These cranes being produced by an overhead crane manufacturer is directed by the operator either manually or with a wired pendant station or wireless controls that guide their electric- or pneumatic-powered travel. Most use the multi-directional movement of this industrial overhead crane to support manufacturing, storage, loading or unloading goods either in a facility, outside on a site, a railway or a port.

Industrial Overhead Crane is a Safety Feature

An overhead crane uses the latest technology to help boost safety and also performance. They cover a rectangular area which makes it easy to move heavy loads either side by side or move them forward and backward. The device used for lifting is called a hoist, which is mounted on a trolley for horizontal movement across the bridge beam connected to one or more horizontal girders which are supported at either end by an end truck. These end by end trucks are at right angles to the girders and mostly move on fixed runways. While the horizontal travel of the push type cranes is controlled manually by the operator, an electric overhead crane is controlled using electricity. Some other cranes can be pneumatic i.e. powered by air. These cranes usually come with different styles and attachments which help to ease lifting of the load.

Advantages Using an Overhead Crane:

  • They provide flexibility to an operation considering the fact that the can operate on any site floor and can be modified to accommodate changing demand.
  • This overhead crane can be customized to fit a variety of loads using the hook attachments, end effectors or specialized tools.
  • Overhead cranes take stress off its operations and site engineers, reduce strain and also reduce the chances of injury due to this heavy lifting.
  • Overhead crane makes it easy to take the product over obstacles rather than navigating back and forth.
  • It keeps the operator away from the load that is being carried and also an object that could cause danger using remote control and independent travel button pendant.
  • Overhead cranes require less maintenance compared to other devices used for lifting. They also incorporate the latest technology and capacity rating.
  • Overhead cranes allow smooth, direct-path transportation over obstacles using its soft start features, multiple speed options and a variety of end effectors to interface with and secure the load which will reduce product damage.

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