What Determines Overhead Crane Prices

Overhead Crane Prices | Overhead Crane System

If you are purchasing an overhead crane for material handling purposes, there are many factors to consider. Generally, overhead crane prices are determined by various factors. However, much of it depends upon the crane supply and demand equation.  Following are some factors that influence the purchasing of a crane:

  • Crane Machine Technical Specifications.
    5-ton crane price is obviously different with the price of a 2-ton crane. Prices vary according to specifications.
  • Manufacturing costs
    With different economic backgrounds, the production cost of a crane in different countries is varied accordingly.
  • Configurations of the crane that is the choice of the main components such as, gearboxes, drivers, and motors etc.
  • Volume or the quantity of the cranes. Prices may lower if the order is placed with large quantity.

Overhead Crane Prices | Additional Variables

Basically, the prices are determined by its specifications such as its tonnage, span, lifting height, working hours, crane operations and few other parameters. The tonnage basically refers to the largest lifting ability of the crane, mainly the maximum load a crane can bear. Whereas the span is the both ends of the crane which situated on the tall concrete pillars. And the working level is determined by the working hours and working conditions.

Also while buying a cost effective crane, the price is not the only factor to be kept in mind. The reliability of the crane is also a major factor. A crane is a long term investment. And a problematic crane might cost you a lot of money for repairing and maintaining purposes. A problematic crane might also increase the break time of your operation.

A major factor which determines the crane price is the cost of the transportation. The transportation may cost which may even be higher than the price of the crane itself. If for example, you are importing a crane machine from overseas, then you’ll have to deal with the customs clearance cost. Then other cost includes the crane installation, maintenance, and parts cost.  Since the crane is a special piece of equipment which requires frequent maintenance; hence the crane parts are taken into consideration for a longer time.

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