What are the Benefits of Overhead Cranes

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If someone has a very unique or special application that requires overhead cranes to pivot or move in some non-standard way, we can work with the specifications of use to produce a solution that works well. We have full production schedules, so it is important to come to us as soon as possible with any special requirements. We are adept at the production and design of our cranes, yet they are so popular with so many sectors of industry that lead times can sometimes be long. Do not hesitate to contact us so we can discuss how we can build the right crane for your needs.

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To move ultimately bulky or heavy loads through overhead space in a given facility rather than through aisles or through the floor, overhead cranes, also known as bridge crane or overhead traveling crane is a type of machine which lifts, moves and lowers load horizontally. These overhead cranes are noted for their high lifting capacities for load movements.

Crane travels are directed by operators either with wireless controls or wired pendant station or manually which guide their electric powered travels. Unlike construction or mobile cranes, overhead cranes are commonly utilized for either maintenance or manufacturing applications where downtime or efficiency are crucial factors.

Commercial Overhead Crane Applications

Commercial overhead cranes are typically used in the refinement of steels and other types of metals like aluminum or copper. In each step of the manufacturing process, until these leave the factory as finished products, the metals are securely handled by overhead cranes. The raw materials are being poured into the furnace by cranes and stampers or fabricators use overhead cranes when handling raw materials.

The majority of paper mills utilize bridge cranes for routine maintenance which requires removal of heavier equipment and press rolls. These cranes are also used on initial paper machine constructions for the reason that these make it simpler to install heavy cast paper drying drums and many other types of massive equipment.

Varieties of Great Benefits Provided by Overhead Cranes

The following are the great benefits provided by overhead cranes:

  • Customizable-the overhead cranes are customizable to be able to handle diverse varieties of loads and products.
  • Adaptable-since these can operate on any floor surface and can be modified to address changing needs and requirements. Overhead cranes also provide flexibility to operations.
  • Faster and More Direct Paths-these cranes can also take products up and even over obstacles rather than navigating through the aisles back and forth.
  • Load Control-the independent traveling push button pendant and the radio automatic controls allow better view while at the same time keeping operators away from loads or any danger associated with the bridge crane.
  • Low Maintenance Cost-integrating latest technologies and provided in varieties of capacity ratings and usage, the overhead cranes need minimal maintenance as compared to other lifting equipment.
  • Reduced Labor Expenses-even a single overhead crane can actually replace various forklifts and efficiently cover larger work area.
  • Positioning-highly-automated systems work or maneuver with great precision.
  • Reduced product Damage-by means of allowing direct path and smooth transportation over the obstacles and with soft start feature and other convenient options; products are surely handled gently to reduce damage.
  • Safety-since these cranes operate overhead and function in a particular area, the overhead cranes are less likely to maneuver loads to machinery, walls, and the personnel than the forklift traffic.
  • Greater Lifting-overhead cranes allow greater lifting than the forklifts. These enable higher vertical storage and a more efficient use of particular space.

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