The Amazing Overhead Free Standing Crane

Overhead Free Standing Crane

The overhead free-standing crane is also well known as an overhead bridge crane, or a workstation bridge crane. There are three different popular types of overhead bridge cranes. The three types are:

  • Single Girder Top Running Bridge Crane – This type is an overhead bridge crane that has one bridge girder that supports the trolley and hoist. The trolley and the hoist ride along the bottom flange of the bridge. The single girder crane is also widely considered top running when the girder of the bridge runs along the top of the runway beams instead of the bottom.

The other choice for an overhead free-standing crane is the workstation bridge crane. This type of overhead crane has two types of choices consisting of:

Although there are those five standards and most popular types of the overhead free-standing crane, there are many other variations and types to choose from when considering purchasing an overhead crane system. The few things to consider about them and to be cautious of are similar across all various models of overhead traveling cranes. The factors to be considered with overhead cranes consist of weight lifting limit for the hoisting capacity, operating space, worker safety, and ease of worker operability. Always be sure to consider all cautious specifications before purchasing a crane and also be sure to never operate a crane outside of its operating capacity. Meaning never lifts more than the crane has been designed to lift by the manufacturer, and always ensure that the operator knows all safety risks of the crane in operation.

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