The Purpose of a Pneumatic Jib Crane

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A pneumatic jib crane is a crane with a pneumatic hoist and the pneumatic hoist, is where the pneumatic jib crane’s name derives from. It is ideal as a lifting and lowering device for heavy loads of material. Pneumatic jib cranes make tasks easy, especially transporting the materials from one area to another, during the lifting and lowering process. As an industrially use, pneumatic jib cranes are engineered for highly efficient jobs that are continuous and repetitive in nature. Jib cranes are very safe cranes to work with, especially in high volume industrial spaces because the pneumatic hoist will not generate an electrical spark, freeing it from the possibility of starting a fire or exploding while using the crane. The pneumatic jib crane’s hoist gives it a more advantageous position over a crane that has a motor hoist.

The fact that pneumatic jib cranes are 100% full proof and safe; the way it’s engineered for continuous workflow, the crane has a fast operating speed. The speed of a jib crane can reach speeds up to 2-3 times faster than most motor hoist cranes. The pneumatic hoist speeds are variable in using the pneumatic jib crane but certainly more efficient in use than using a motor crane. Although the pneumatic hoist of the crane is smaller in size it can easily function on substances like high powered- dust, acid, alkaline or steam, giving it a high endurance capability, then a motor hoist. Also, the pneumatic hoist is ⅓ to ⅛ of the total weight that a motor hoist has, which their designations are purposely for the same functions.

Pneumatic Jib Crane | Freestanding Jib Crane

Pneumatic jib cranes are in the classification of freestanding cranes, which means they can be portably used. The pneumatic jib crane is engineered as a freestanding crane to have the capability of supporting themselves in concrete or with building support. Certainly, there are different types of jib cranes, whether they are freestanding or wall mountable. All jib cranes will perform the same tasks, as well as the pneumatic jib crane. Pneumatic jib cranes functions are specific to the duty of lifting and lowering materials. Despite, the ability to rotate 360 degrees it still allows the crane to cover a limited amount of floor space when performing tasks. The pneumatic jib cranes are extensively used in areas where there will be lifting and lowering of things such as textile, coal, machinery production and other materials, as well as chemicals.

The pneumatic jib crane is generally used in warehouses, workshops, assembly lines, docks and other places where the crane can be used in an industrial manner. Although the pneumatic jib crane is on the smaller side for cranes it is very flexible when it comes to lifting and lowering material and chemicals. There are many different types of platforms in which pneumatic cranes can be used, including, track loaders, excavators backhoe, welders, articulated trucks, soil stabilizers, pumps, trenchers, forklifts, hammers and drills air compressors and tractors and motor graders. The pneumatic crane is not limited to what it can do, but the aforementioned are just some of the platforms where a pneumatic crane can be used. Being an industrially used crane, pneumatic jib cranes engineering will always be highly sought after, for its ability to perform highly efficient jobs, which are continuous.

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  1. Having read this I thought it was really enlightening. Had no idea what exactly a pneumatic jib crane is. Again, enlightening.

  2. Great article, quick read. I agree that industrial settings are where you are most apt to find pneumatic jib cranes.

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