The Incredibly Functional Portable Jib Crane

Portable Jib Crane | 270 Free Standing Jib Low Headroom

The portable jib crane was originally designed for the same reason any crane is designed. More importantly, this crane design does not make any damage done to the foundation. It does not require being mounted to the floor and it is extremely useful in cases where the crane needs to be moved from area to area for whatever purpose is required of it. The unique design obviously allows for easy transportation with a fork truck which is extremely convenience.

Wheels on the Portable Jib Crane

You can purchase several types of the jib crane, but the most popular due to stability purposes and lifting capacity are as follows: A concrete base model, or what is called an empty base model which has all the same specifications as the next model, however, it is already filled with concrete in the base. The empty base model crane comes with a frame built with built-in fork tubes for portability purposes, and proper instructions on how to fill the empty base with concrete properly. The width of the built-in fork tubes is a standardized fork truck forks measurements. The base is also designed to the specifications of 42-3/16″ x 42-3/16″ x 18″H or 36″H. They also have variations of sizes however a generalized model also has a fixed length I-beam that will pivot a full 360° for complete access and use on all sides. The clearance underneath the I-beam on the generalized model is 10′. It uses upright vertical column bolts to secure itself into the base. All models in all sizes are always constructed using steel and comes with a nicely painted finish as well.

Various Types of the Portable Jib Crane

There is a similar third type of portable jib crane which is called an ‘Offset Portable Jib Crane’. This type has what is called an offset base which allows for a larger workstation area to be available directly under the I-beam. This model is also portable through the same previous method of using a fork truck however under common misconception this model is not supposed to be used as a fork truck attachment.

There is also the option for a portable jib crane that is more mobile than by need of a forklift because it comes on wheels. This type of option is also called a shop hoist in layman’s terms and allows the use of a single worker to maneuver and lift objects. It is also a much more downsized model than the first three mentioned above. This series raises items via either a hydraulic air pump or an optional hydraulic hand pump. The air pump raises the crane 7″ to 8″ per second; the hand pump raises the unit 1/2″ per stroke. This material handling equipment is collapsible, allowing it to be stored in tight spaces. These units roll on 3-1/2″ x 1-1/4″ steel casters, four swivels in rear and two rigid in front.

There are other countless types of portable version jib cranes consisting of Counterbalance Jib, Mobile Lifting Jib, Counterweight Jib, Mobile Air Jib Crane and others. They all have their design modified for a specific purpose and all of these are portable in some way either via wheels or the forklift portability option.

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