Quick-Lift Arm, QL A 300i | Intelligent Lifting Arm | Up to 660 lbs

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Technical Data

Lifting capacity Max 300 kg
Working area Max recommended working radius R1 = L 1 – 300 mm
Min recommended working radius R2 = See chart
Stroke length 2,7 m
Lift motor Stepless servo-controlled asynchronous motor
Power supply 230V, 50-60 Hz, 1-phase with ground protection, 10A
Hinged arm Arm profiles in Ultra High Strength Steel (UHSS).
Available in 2 standard lengths; 3 and 4m
Suspension Floor pillar in painted steel with a standard height of 3 m. Optional pillar heights up to 5 m.
Maneuvering Maneuvering is done with Binar Quick-Lifts patented manoeuvring handle.
Only a small force is needed to engage the up/down motion. When the operator let go of the handle, the up/down motion is immediately stopped
Gripping device Grippers are designed to fit customers need. Intelligent I/O signals are available for optimum functionality
Option Middle link, 200 mm for triple hinged arm


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