Binar Quick-Lift Arm, QAT | Intelligent Lifting Arm with Tool Panel | Up to 275 lbs

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Technical Data

The QAT Articulated arm with tool panel. The perfect, all-purpose workstation that is always there, where it is needed.
Maximum load 125 Kg
Maneuvering The constructive implementation of the QAT is designed to cover large work area of up to 85m2. Thus, the operator has the option of tools next to him, small and attachments, including compressed air, electricity, data management and lighting in a radius of almost 360° to carry with you. The costly downtimes are reduced to a minimum and effective work is ensured.
The tool panel is configured to customer specifications. It optimizes the workplace by keeping tools, carrying loads, energy provides, transported material and if necessary, holding the coffee cup. With minimal effort, it follows at every turn.
Power supply Your choice of power with the option of 2 different power sources as well as different phases.
(i.e. 110 volt, 230 volt, 460 volt, and 575 volt)
Max rang 5,2 m
Hinged arm Made in painted aluminum profiles with a total length of 5.3 m.
The position of the fixated lifting motor is carefully designed and tested to give optimum maneuverability of the hinged arm.
Suspension Floor pillar in painted steel with a standard height of 5 m depending on customer’s need.


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