Why You Should Choose a Single Girder Overhead Crane

Single Girder Crane | Single Girder Overhead Crane

There are a few basic differences between double and single girder overhead crane. The most obvious of these differences is the appearance of both machines. There is a single beam in the single girder overhead crane whereas two main beams are present in its counterpart. Secondly, the lifting mechanisms of both machines are quite different as single girder overhead crane utilizes hoisting techniques whereas double girders use winches lifting mechanism. The prices of both the types of girders differ widely as well depending upon their application and usage in the industry.

Single girder crane is basically used in industries such as machinery manufacturing, petroleum, metallurgical workshops, civil aviation, paper making, construction industry, electronic workshops etc. Their applications are quite versatile and hold great advantages over its competitors.

Single Girder Overhead Crane | Compact in Size

Single girder overhead crane has a really compact shape and size. This enables the crane to be utilized at small industrial places without much room. Also, it helps in the installation of the crane as it saves extra costs. The single girder overhead crane is really light in weight as compared to other cranes and therefore shares the privilege of low transportation expenses as well.

The overhead crane has very low headroom making it versatile in the loads it can lift and offer more compatibility as well. The single girder crane has small wheels and hence exerts low pressure on the surface. This ensures that the crane is utilized for longer periods of time without implementing extra precautions in its surroundings and so forth. Some of these many advantages are the very reason that the single girder overhead crane is the most used hoisting machinery in present industry and is preferred by most factory owners.

Single Girder & Single Direction

The single girder crane can only make a single direction during its operation which has a few cons to it. It has different modes of operation such as cable operation and can be controlled via wireless remote control. The crane is designed exceptionally well and is epitome of engineering knowledge applied to its best. The design ensures maximum efficiency while effectively catering to lower power consumption as well.

A customer or industrialists that needs to set-up a bigger plant can effectively reduce the costs and funds required if they use the single girder overhead crane. The crane comes with an anti-dusting device and ensures high performance braking system as well.

Overall, the crane provides the best package without compromising on safety at a very reasonable cost to its potential customers and hence that’s why single girder overhead crane is the most reliable hoisting machine in the industry.

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