Some Details Regarding a Top Running Bridge Crane

There are several types of overhead cranes or bridge cranes and they are used regularly in a variety of industries. One of the types of overhead cranes is the top running bridge crane.

Top Running Bridge Crane

This is one of the most common and useful overhead cranes currently in use all over the world. As the name suggests, the bridge is on top of the crane. The bridge has been designed in a way that it runs on rails that have been mounted onto the runway beams. These beams or runway system are supported by columns that already exist in the building or by free standing columns that have been precisely engineered. Top running also has two options that you can use according to your lifting requirements.

Single Girder Top Running Overhead Cranes

This type of overhead crane is, as the name tells us, made up of just one bridge girder. On the other end it has two end trucks and there is also a trolley hoist that travels between the two end trucks, on the bottom flange of the single bridge girder.

Single girder top running bridge crane is a cost effective choice. It reduces the load on the wheels so this crane helps you save on new support structures. So without spending on a new structure, you will be able to lift more loads on your runway.

Double Girder Top Running Overhead Crane

Like the single girder overhead crane, the double girder also has a trolley hoist and two end trucks. But it has two bridge girders. The trolley hoist runs on top of the rails and the rails are mounted on top of the double girder bridge. Double girder overhead cranes are the perfect solution for heavier lifting as they have been designed to move loads that are over 25 tons. They are not cost effective like single girder, but they have greater lifting capacity.

Advantages of a Top Running Bridge Crane

Top running cranes are a great option for buildings that have limited headroom as they provide greater lifting height. The top running crane travels on rails that are on top of the beam. This gives greater head room and lifting height. Then, depending on what your lifting requirements are, you can choose between a single girder and a double girder top running crane.

Other than this, top running bridge cranes are very widely available. They are easy enough to install and their maintenance is also easier. If you need to get a part repaired, you will easily find that part as they are widely available. The wheels of the top running bridge crane are also easier to maintain as the crane is not suspended from above so the wheels can be easily reached. So if you require a crane for high and heavier lifting capacities that give you more headroom, you should go for a top running bridge crane.

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  1. I agree with the article. Top running bridge cranes are great for buildings that have low headroom. That’s our situation.

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