The Incredibly Versatile Jib Crane

Portable Jib Crane | 270 Free Standing Jib Low Headroom

The jib crane system is one of the most versatile pieces of lifting equipment you will find on the market today. It’s smaller print when compared to other cranes such as bridge cranes makes it efficient at tackling a variety of lifting and handling operations.

Jib cranes are mainly categorized into floor-mounted and wall-mounted cranes. Floor mounted cranes are those that are attached to a fixed support base, while wall-mounted cranes are those that are mounted to a wall or structural support. While most jib cranes are permanently mounted into place, smaller cranes are attached to vehicles so thatthey can be used to complete lightweight tasks.

Some jib cranes can also be portable, which makes themeasier to move around a worksite or between many worksites. To allow for easytransportation, movable jib cranes are placed on a metal heavy-duty block or amovable concrete block. This helps increase the amount the crane can lift when compared to those mounted to a vehicle.

Jib cranes typically have a lifting radius of up to five meters but not more. They usually feature a very basic design when compared to bridge, workstation, or gantry cranes. As a result, jib cranes require less maintenance and are simple to operate.

A Versatile Machine

Depending on the operational requirements of your facility, a jib crane can satisfy nearly all of your lifting and transport needs, thanksto its more extensive range of movement. The articulating jib crane, for instance, can lift loads around corners as well as reach under or into othermachinery.

These cranes are equipped with 360° rotation functionality at each pivot point, in addition to circular coverage area. This means that they can be maneuvered around doorways and obstructions with ease.

More so, they allow you to easily transport heavy materials, as their simple design and versatility make them ideal for lifting and moving repetitive loads. You can use them to carry items anywhere in your factory, warehouse or outdoor environments.

Portable Jib Cranes

Portable jib cranes are also cost-effective. Asides the machine, all you need to move a large amount of load within a limited area is an operator. A freestanding jib crane can also be used to complement other cranes in a facility.

The lightweight nature of the light-duty crane makes it easyto move from one place to another where it can then be used to transport itemsin settings that require more maneuverability than larger cranes can offer.


So, whether you are looking for a system you can use to support individual work cells in open areas, execute assembly operations indoors, or use outdoors at loading docks or marinas, there is a jib crane for every application.  

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