What Can You Do with a Bridge Crane System?

bridge crane system

If you are in a sector where you frequently lift and move within industrial facilities, you will find the bridge crane system to be beneficial. The tool enables you to lift, move, lower, and precisely position big, bulky and heavy loads on the site, saving you time, reducing the risks of product damage, as well as lowering the chances of serious injuries.

The bridge crane system safely transports items horizontally through the overhead space of a warehouse facility rather than through aisles or on the floor, allowing you to better optimize productivity, safety, as well as space saving. Bridge cranes are designed to tackle critical loads such as high-value equipment and large chemical containers, among others.

The machines are operated using a radio/IR remote pendant, control pendant, or from an operator cabin that they are linked to.

Things You Can Do with a Bridge Crane System

There are many things you can do with a bridge crane system. These include using them for purposes such as:

  • Assembly: Ultimately, turning raw materials into finished products involves a lot of movement. To make the process more streamlined, you need a reliable machine to help move products to work centers where an operation is performed. A bridge crane system enables you to achieve this goal by moving large batches of unfinished goods through the production processes.
  • Warehousing: The large nature of items in the warehouse means that even the most skilled mover will have trouble transporting them from one point to another, as doing so can result in back and joint problems. Besides, you risk damaging the product you’re attempting to convey. So, if you are trying to move heavy, large items to and from the dock areas, you can use a bridge crane system for a hassle-free experience.
  • Storage: Overhead crane systems can be used to convey heavy items to and from storage areas.
  • Transportation: Besides using them to lift and move large items from one place to another, you can use overhead cranes to load finished products onto open trailers or railcars.
  • Staging: Traveling Bridge cranes can be used to hold work-in-progress (WIP) for further production processes.

Final Word

Bridge cranes are critical to managing the flow of goods in industries such as transport, logistics, warehousing and distribution, chemicals, automotive, steel, among others. They help to keep your workers safe and free up floor space, which makes them the ideal crane machines for crowded workspaces.

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